You Will Be Left Speechless Once You Notice What’s Keeping Him Busy!


Though technological advancements have solved many problems, there are some aspects of life which make me wish for the simpler times.

In the present world, people own smartphones and their fingertips and eyes are glued to them and in most cases are not aware of whatever that’s happening around them. You might have more than 1000 friends and yet feel lonely! It’s hard to know whether those you are talking to are getting whatever you want them to learn since getting people’s attention has become one of the hardest thing to do. How I wish for the sweet old times to be back when people did not have any addiction with the internet.

This video brings to your attention some of the facts you have taken for granted or have ignored as a result of the new technology. Though the video is a bit dramatic, I believe it will make you start looking at life from a different perspective. It’s not that we’re against technology, we should not let the technology fully govern our lives and leave us enslaved to it.

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