You Will Be Touched When You See What This Police Officer Does To The Homeless Mom And Daughter!


In the course of last week, on an early morning, a woman came and sat at the entrance of the police station where Corporal Che’ Atkinson works. Although she claimed to be fine, something told Corporal Atkinson that it was a lie. The more they kept conversing, the more Corporal Atkinson got touched with her story.

She confessed that she was being abused domestically, and because she was now homeless, the police station seemed the right place to go come to since she and her daughter of 1 year had no place to go to. The officer decided to come in and help solve this situation. He got In touch with her relative who lived far away, who agreed to come for them, but the next morning when Atkinson went to the station, she again was there with her kid at the same place.

The reasons were that the relative was unable to come for them on that day. Corporal Atkinson also made another observation that they were hungry for quite some days. He immediately sprang to action. He took his money and paid a room for the woman and her kid at some hotel. He went in search of a seat of which he rested the baby on it as he drove them to the rented room at the hotel. On top of that he purchased some food and beverages for them and made sure they were comfortable before he went away.

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