Why Did It Take Her That Long To Come Up With Robin Williams’ Amazing Photorealistic Drawing?


A number of people honour and remember those they admire in different ways. Though that is the case, it was really surprising when a gifted artist by the name, Heather Rooney, decided to do it in a unique way. Robin Williams was her favourite idol, he had made her smile and laugh in many occasions over the years. That is why she decided to the late actor with a special photorealistic pencil drawing.

By having a look at her Prismacolor coloured pencils, you are m0re than assured that something awesome is about to be drawn.
Personally, I lack what it takes to come up with a human stick-like figure. By watching this, I still wonder how something realistic like this can be achieved by mere drawing.

Her final drawing ends up looking like an original photo of Robin Williams, this really justifies the 30 hours she took to come up with this drawing. I am still left astonished when I look at it.

Source: Heather Rooney

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